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London, United Kingdom
I am Professor of Computer Science and Director of Teaching Quality in Birkbeck’s Department of Computer Science and Information Systems, and Co-Director of the Birkbeck Knowledge Lab. I am Fellow of the Advance HE, and Member of the EPSRC College, UK. I hold BEng/MEng and Dr. Eng (University of Patras, Greece) and PGCE(HE) (Brunel University, UK). Before becoming an academic, I held R&D positions in the cement and automotive industries designing fuzzy and neural components for embedded systems. My team designs and develops innovative learning algorithms and system components that employ machine learning and deep networks, sometimes combined with symbolic AI, for psychophysiological data modelling and classification, and intelligent learning environments. The aim is to enable systems to exhibit different levels of intelligence, learn from data and transfer knowledge to new contexts. Our work has received best paper awards by the IEEE (2000 and 2008), the European Network on Intelligent Technologies for Smart Adaptive Systems (2001 and 2004), the International Association for Development of the Information Society (2006), the ACM (2009) and KES International (2010).

PhD students supervised

  • A. Anastasiadis, Neural network training and applications using biological data (completed April 2006) 
  • Z. Voulgaris, Discernibility Concept in Classification Problems (completed March 2009). 
  • C-C. Peng, Deterministic nonmonotone training of recurrent neural networks and applications using symbolic sequence data (completed March 2011). 
  • M. Cocea, Intelligent techniques for user modelling and their exploitation in an exploratory learning environment (completed Sept 2011). 
  • T. Lewis, Accelerating Genetic Programming Using Graphics Processing Units (completed March 2012). 
  • S. Adam: Development and Foundation of Methods and Algorithms for Reliable Neural Computation (completed Jan 2016; jointly supervised with Michael Vrahatis and Dimitris Karras).
  • M. Kohli, Evolving Neural Networks Using Behavioural Genetics Principles (completed March 2017); jointly supervised with Michael Thomas)

    Current students

  • I. Bertimas (PT), working on Content Quality and Spam in Social Media. 
  • D. Dimakopoulos (PT), working on Personalisation of E-content. 
  • A. Haq (PT), working on Exploring the VLE Effectiveness Model. 
  • K. Karoudis (formerly K. Karagkiozoglou) (PT), working on Ubiquitous Learner Modelling. 
  • M. Kelly (PT), working on Self-adaptation and Change Detection in Dynamic Environments. 
  • A. Mosca (PT), working on Deep Learning and Classifier Ensembles in Pattern Recognition Applications 
  • T. Sikora (PT), working on Design and Optimisation of Adaptive Controllers in Application Service Management Environment. 
  • C. Stamate (FT, jointly with Michael Thomas), working on Deep Networks in Psychophysiological Signal Modelling. 
  • D. Celik (FT), working on Learning Design Models and Support Tools.